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Online baking course on sourdough bread (in danish)

Online baking course on sourdough bread (in danish)

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Do you also dream of baking your own light sourdough bread? Then this online baking course will help you get started with an easy and clear step-by-step recipe with accompanying video instructions.

The course is for you...

  • who will learn to bake delicious light sourdough bread with an airy crumb and crispy crust.
  • who want to bake completely without yeast and on 100% sourdough culture.
  • who needs to both read and see how to handle the dough in all its phases.
  • that do not allow long recipes, technical terms and confusing baking videos with a lot of information.
  • who will relax with a craft that gives you both peace of mind and bread on the table.
The course is part of our starter package for sourdough bread , which contains:
Flour products
All the flour you need for the first 15 loaves. The flour is of the best quality in terms of taste, baking properties and of course organic.
Baking equipment
All equipment you need for sourdough baking (except oven and ovenproof iron pan)
Parts or all of the equipment can be de-selected under "variants"
Online baking course
By purchasing the Starter Pack, you get unlimited access to the exclusive course website, which contains:
  • Simple clear step-by-step online guide with texts and video.
  • Graphic recipe that helps you to understand the baking process.
  • Short instructional videos where sourdough expert Mikael Krogdal from Mikaels Brød shows and explains the recipe step-by-step.
  • Questions, answers and pictures from other sourdough bakers who have followed the same recipe.
  • Extra guides like “How do I start a sourdough?” or “How do I bake buns instead of bread?”

You get access (password) to the Online Course when you complete the purchase on this page or buy the Starter Pack .

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