Trading conditions

The trading conditions have been updated 11/04/2020

Prices and payment

All prices are incl. danish VAT.

We deduct the amount from your payment card when your goods are dispatched from us. You will receive a receipt to the email you have specified.

The data you send in connection with purchases paid by payment card is encrypted (SSL). Therefore, only the payment provider can read them. Danish Rye & More or others therefore do not have the opportunity to read this data.


When you shop in our webshops, you choose delivery yourself during checkout and before paying for your purchase. Price depends on weight and whether delivery is to be made to a parcel shop, placed in front of the front door or delivered personally with FlexDeliveryService.

Delivery takes place with GLS, and you will be notified via the email you provided during the purchase when we know the delivery time.

Free delivery

We offer free delivery in Denmark to a parcel shop or to the front door for customers who buy for a minimum of DKK 600 at a time.

We only offer free delivery to Denmark. If you want delivery elsewhere you can always send an inquiry to

Unfortunately, we cannot offer free delivery, combined with other discounts on the same order. So you can, for example, not get both free shipping and an initial discount on a subscription.

Package shop

Shipments to the nearest parcel shop are made by GLS, and you will be notified via the email/text message you provided during the purchase when we know the delivery time.

To front door

If you choose delivery to the front door, you also give permission to our shipping company to leave the package in front of the front door or at an agreed place you note in the note field "Add delivery instructions" during checkout. You will be notified when the package is delivered, and you yourself are responsible for the package being collected quickly. Our shipments are packed so that they can withstand rain - but not for several days.

Subscription to Flour boxes

A subscription to flour boxes gives you freshly ground organic flour delivered to your door, e.g. every 4 weeks.

When you create your subscription, you complete your purchase with a card payment, where we automatically deduct the payment for your subscription in the future. You will receive a receipt by email each time an amount is withdrawn.

During creation, you will be asked to create a profile on our website. That profile gives you access to the "My account" page, where you can in future manage your subscription, add/remove items, or pause, start and stop your subscription.

There are no strings attached to our flour subscriptions. You can stop the subscription, change the subscription, delivery frequency, add/remove extra flour, grains and seeds at any time. Just do it before we grind and package your flour. As a service, we always send you "Your order is on its way - mail" 5 days before, which reminds you that you can make changes.

This is done via "My Account" or by sending us an email at . The changes are registered when you receive a confirmation from us per mail. Expect a turnaround time of up to 48 hours.

You are obliged to keep your profile and card information up to date. You can delete your card details at any time via our website or by sending us an email at .

If you do not pay for your subscription, e.g. if the payment card expires, you will not receive your Melkasse until you have updated the information.

Right of withdrawal

There is no right of withdrawal for food. Non-food products are covered by the general rules for the right of withdrawal. Here you must give us an unequivocal notification of this before the expiration of the cancellation period of 14 days from receipt of the goods. Notification can be given by sending us an e-mail at The item must be sent to: Danish Rye & More, Ingolfs Allé 47, 2300 KBH.S. Denmark. You must cover all costs for returning the item yourself.


You are allowed to complain about faults and defects in a product for up to two years after you have purchased it. The defects rules of the Purchase Act thus apply. Of course, this only applies if it is not you who has handled the item incorrectly. For foodstuffs, the right of complaint is limited to the product's natural shelf life. You must send the product (does not apply to fresh products) to us at the address Danish Rye & More, Ingolfs Allé 47, 2300 KBH.S. Denmark. You must write your customer number and what you think is wrong with the item. Complaints must be made within a reasonable time.


Per mail

Response time within 1 working day.