Ryukkop Starting offer

With the Rye bread box, we send flour, seeds and kernels to your rye bread bakery every time you run out. The Rye Bread Sack is our prepackaged flour subscription with all ingredients for seven Rye Cup rye breads. There are several different Rye bread boxes to choose from. You can see them here.
We deliver to the door for DKK 50 in shipping, and you can add other items up to 25kg (20kg at the parcel shop), without the shipping price increasing.
When you create a meal subscription, you can choose how often you want the deliveries. And we always send you an email, 5 days before we paint and pack your subscription, where you can adjust the date and add extra items. Read more about subscription terms here .
There are no strings attached to our subscriptions, but we hope you will be happy with our freshly ground quality flour and will continue to bake and support our small organic mill and the organic transition among small Danish farms.
Order Rye bread subscription here.