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Sweat rye flour

Sweat rye flour

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Freshly ground, organic sweat rye flour from Danish fields. Ground with a stone grinder at Kragegaarden's own mill.

Svedjerug is fine whole grain flour where 100% of the kernel is used. Svedjeru is an old Nordic variety of rye that has been cultivated throughout the ages. Swedjerug was recovered for approx. 40 years ago and has been multiplied so that today it can be sold around. Bread made from sweat rye has a particularly mild light nutty flavor and a higher protein content, it is lighter and does not dry out as quickly. Swedjer rye's protein content is between 14 and 17%, where normal rye is around 9%. It has more dietary fiber than the modern varieties, and is therefore also more filling. The baking ability is fine, especially when baking according to traditional baking methods with sourdough and long rising times.

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