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Rye bread mold 1.8L (small)

Rye bread mold 1.8L (small)

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Kunst og Køkkentøj produces this rye bread form itself, which bakes half a rye bread. The size is ideal for those of you who don't manage to eat a large 3-litre rye bread before it becomes dry and boring.

Either make half a portion of Rugkop dough when you bake. Or divide a whole portion into two of these 1.8 liter moulds. Bake one as usual, and leave the other to rise slowly in the fridge. Then you get fresh rye bread twice as often.

The material is aluminized iron, called 'AluSteel', which is a good heat-conducting material. The insides of the mold are covered with 3 layers of professional Teflon, so that the finished rye bread easily escapes again.

Good advice on the use and maintenance of the Art and Kitchenware rye bread form:

  • Never heat the mold without dough in it
  • Always turn the bread out while it is warm – if you let the bread cool in the pan, condensation forms along the sides, which dissolves the crust on the rye bread. In addition to ruining the crust, it can make it difficult to get the bread out
  • Never use knives or other sharp objects in the mold as this will damage the non-stick coating
  • Be aware that the form is not waterproof, so place baking paper under the mold itself to collect fat
  • The mold can withstand a maximum of 230 °C

The mold is not dishwasher safe, but may be washed with a brush and soap. It's best to only use warm water (ie no soap) and a soft brush so you don't need to lubricate it before the next use. And remember that the mold must not be left to soak, as it will rust.

Available in two sizes:
The rye bread mold from KOK is available in two sizes: A classic 3.0-liter mold for a traditional-sized rye bread, and a slightly smaller 1.8-liter mold for small rye breads.

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