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Mariagertobamel fine whole grain

Mariagertobamel fine whole grain

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Mariagertobamel fine whole grain is a coarser version of Mariagertobamel sifted and is used as wholemeal flour together with finer wheat flour. We recommend, for example, 40% whole grain in light bread.

Mariagertoba is a Danish baking alternative to the strong foreign Manitoba flour.

Through several years of work, plant breeder Anders Borgen has developed a wheat variety that is suitable for being grown in the Danish climate and that produces grain with a very high protein content.

Unlike most foreign flour with a high protein content, our flour is ground so that it contains a lot of germ and shell parts -  which contributes to a flour that tastes better and is healthier than completely white industrial flour.

Mariagertoba gives a very strong dough and we recommend that Mariagertoba is used together with flour with a softer gluten, such as our regular wheat flour, spelled and emmer.

The flour is freshly ground from our organic mill Kragegaarden on Funen. The flour is first ground on the farm's own stone mill when you order it. Therefore, it is guaranteed to be freshly ground and full of flavor and vitamins.