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Rye - whole kernels

Rye - whole kernels

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Whole rye kernels, organic and biodynamic. For use directly in bread (soaked/cooked) or freshly ground in your own flour mill for flour or broken kernels.

Whole rye kernels can be eaten as a substitute for rice for dinner. Boil them for 40 min in lightly salted water. Ratio of 2 parts rye to 3 parts water. Boiled whole rye kernels can also be marinated and included in salads.

In the Rye Cup recipe, a cup of whole rye can replace 1 cup of broken rye. It is recommended to soak the whole kernels for 24 hours or boil them for 30 minutes before adding them to the dough. Reduce the amount of water in the dough by half a cup of Rye.

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