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Raised basket oval

Raised basket oval

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Oval rising basket with a length of 26cm which fits a loaf of approx. 1000 grams.

  • Proofing basket is used for proofing the dough, not for baking in it
  • With the basket, you can work with moist dough and still bake bread that takes on a beautiful shape

Before use, lubricate the basket with a little neutral oil. Remember to sprinkle with flour each time before adding the dough.

You can also advantageously place a floured proofing cloth at the bottom of the basket, and then put your dough into the basket on top of the cloth.

If you use the lifting basket without a cloth, it must be brushed with a stiff brush after use. Do not wash with soap.

The lifting baskets are produced in a natural material, which is why the stated measurements are only indicative.

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