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Danish rye bread mold Professional 3L

Danish rye bread mold Professional 3L

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Rugkop's professional rye bread form + bread bag.

The right rye bread form has razor-sharp straight sides, so that the rye bread is tall and the slices look great. Professional quality with particularly strong Teflon coating that can withstand the high acid content of the sourdough. The mold is almost indestructible if it is greased with a little fat each time it is baked. Avoid sharp objects that could scratch the coating. Instead, turn the bread out of the tin while it is still warm.

Holds 3 litres, which is suitable for the Rye cup recipe and a large rye bread.

Rugkop's professional rye bread form is delivered in a practical and sustainable bread bag made of organic cotton. The bag can be used to store the freshly baked rye bread in, so that it retains its crispy crust for several days.

Fully welded aluminum with double layer acid-resistant coating suitable for rye bread. Spread before baking. Rinse clean. Dishwasher safe but not recommended.

In fact, the surface treatment can withstand a trip in the dishwasher, but we would not recommend this. The dishwasher will deposit limescale on both the surface treatment and the aluminium. Most people don't wash their frying pans in the dishwasher either.

The type of surface treatment we have on Rugkop's rye bread mold is a professional quality, as the mold is first cut and then welded. It is then cleaned and sandblasted, and only then is it coated with 2 layers of Teflon to reduce the penetration of acid and moisture from the bread. Many cheaper rye bread molds are printed directly from a sheet of metal which is first coated and then bent.


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