Surdejsboller med Rugkops surdej

Sourdough buns with Rye cup sourdough - recipe

When you bake rye bread, you already have a sourdough in the kitchen. It can be exploited. For example. for island buns or sourdough buns. If you add a little of your Rugkop sourdough to the other white baked goods, you get wonderful nuances of taste. Try these long-raised sourdough buns with island wheat.


  • Take 3-4 tbsp. rye bread sourdough in a mixing bowl.
  • Fill 5 dl of lukewarm water in the mixing bowl.
  • Stir a small lump (5g) of yeast into the liquid.
  • Add 2.5 dl island wheat flour,
  • 1 tbsp. fine salt
  • 1 liter wheat flour

The dough must now be stirred for about 10 minutes at high speed on the mixer until the gluten in the flour begins to bind and the dough leaves the sides of the mixing bowl and gathers around the dough hook. If it doesn't, your dough is a little too wet and you need to add more flour.

If you don't have a mixer, you can also knead by hand. Do it for 15 min but just take rest breaks. Gluten also binds when the dough rests.

Cover the dough for 6-10 hours on the kitchen counter and it will rise to an airy size. Or in the fridge for longer.

Heat the oven to max. temperature - e.g. 290 C preferably with a baking stone.

The risen dough is poured onto a good layer of flour and the sides are folded over each other to form a long loaf. Dough spatulas are good, because the point is not to knock the air bubbles out of the dough, but to stress the dough as little as possible.

Form buns or flütes on a hot baking sheet/baking stone and bake for 8-12 minutes in an oven with steam. If you don't have a steam oven, throw 1/2 dl of water into a hot roasting pan at the bottom of the oven. Repeat if necessary. with 1/2 dl water after 2 min.

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You can make pot bread from the same dough: Preheat the oven and the pot (not the lid) for a long time. Put the dough in and the lid on and give it 10 minutes with max. heat. Then 10 min without loan at 230 degrees. Take the bread out of the pan and bake it for a further 10-15 minutes on a rack at 230 degrees until it is fully baked with a good dark crust. The baking time may vary as ovens are different. It is best to measure the core temperature of the bread with an oven thermometer. When it is 99-100 degrees, the bread is ready.


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