Rugbrød med granskud

Rye bread with fir shoots

The robust bread of the Rye Cup recipe can be easily added with larger amounts of chopped herbs of various kinds.

Julie A. Swane is the author of a series of foraging books about edible herbs and plants that can be found wild and mixed into bread dough. Julie recommends everything from spruce, Swiss chard, rosehips and rosehip flowers, nettles, sweet chervil / Spanish chervil or dandelions.

The recipe below is with spruce shoots.

Taste: Rye bread with spruce shoots has a very delicious and fine aromatic taste. It also smells lovely. You get the sweet taste of spruce as soon as it enters your mouth, and later you sense a nice spicy aftertaste.

Quantity: For one portion of Rugkop rye bread, use approx. 3 dl of finely chopped young spruce shoots.

The picture shows young spruce shoots from red spruce, but other varieties can also be used. But not yew, which is poisonous.

When? The young spruce shoots are picked at the beginning of May. They are easy to see because they are distinctly light green and soft.

Storage? They are frozen immediately and can last a year. When frozen, they retain their flavor and softness until they are added to the dough.

The dough: The 3 dl of chopped fir shoots are added to the Rye cup dough , after the sourdough for the next baking is removed, so that the herbs do not get into the sourdough.

Bake the Rugkop rye bread as usual and enjoy the taste of the north.

Get more inspiring knowledge about sankemad in Julie A. Swane's many books, which can be bought in Julie's fantastic flower shop Din Planteven at Amagerbrogade 7 in Copenhagen.

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