Rugbrød med brændenælder

Rye bread with nettles

The robust bread of the Rye Cup recipe can be easily added with larger amounts of chopped herbs of various kinds.

Julie A. Swane is the author of a series of foraging books about edible herbs and plants that can be found wild and mixed into bread dough. Julie recommends everything from spruce, Swiss chard, rosehips and rosehip flowers, nettles, sweet chervil / Spanish chervil or dandelions.

The recipe below is with nettles

Quantity: For a portion of Rugkop rye bread, approx. 3 dl chopped nettles. It must be the young shoots and top shoots (approx. 10 cm). You can also chop the stem. The flowers can easily be used as well.

When? Can be picked all year round, but in the spring all the plants are young and it is quick to collect large quantities.

Storage? If they are to be frozen, they must be blanched in boiling water for approx. 2 minutes The enzymes are then rendered inactive. I usually freeze them as little balls (a la spinach).

If you want to dry them, it's easy, either in the oven at 50-60 degrees, or on a thin cloth on e.g. a drying rack (a dry, airy and dark place)

The dough: Add the 3 dl chopped nettles The rye cup dough , after sourdough for the next baking is removed so that the herbs do not get into the sourdough.

Bake the Rugkop rye bread as usual and enjoy the taste of the north.

Get more inspiring knowledge about sankemad in Julie A. Swane's many books, which can be bought in Julie's fantastic flower shop Your Plant Friend at Amagerbrogade 7 in Copenhagen.

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