Delivery subscription

DKK 50 in shipping for subscribers

When you subscribe to our milk box, you get an extraordinarily cheap shipping price of DKK 50 for up to 25 kg, which can be delivered to your front door (20 kg when delivered to the nearest parcel shop). Read more here.

Home delivery, parcel shop or FlexDeliveryService

You can choose delivery to the nearest parcel shop, or home delivery, where we deliver to your front door. If you choose home delivery, you also give our delivery company permission to place the package in front of the front door or in another place you note in the note field "Add delivery instructions" during checkout. You will be notified when the package is dispatched, because you yourself are responsible for the package being collected quickly. Our shipments are packaged to withstand normal rain.

If you do not want the package left unattended, you must order FlexDeliveryService, where you will have the option to redirect the package to another time or to the Parcel Shop. Learn more about FlexDeliveryService here.