GLS FlexDeliveryService

With FlexDeliveryService, GLS delivers the package to the recipient's private address. Before delivery, the recipient is informed of a delivery time and a delivery date by GLS. If the time or date does not match, the recipient has the option to redirect his package during delivery.

FlexDelivery Service costs a little more than parcel shop and front door delivery. But gives recipients the opportunity to choose from the entire range of delivery options below FlexDelivery Service for their delivery:

  • Delivery of the package in a GLS ParcelShop of the recipient's choice.
  • Delivery at a specific location at the address. The recipient fills in a one-time power of attorney via the notification email.
  • Delivery of the package to a new address of the recipient's choice.
  • Delivery to the original address on a new date.*
  • Delivery to a GLS depot.*

*This option can only be selected when GLS has physically received the package. That is in 2nd notification.

All options are available for packages sent to addresses in Denmark. Packages sent to a private address must weigh no more than 30 kg. Parcels sent to a private address and weighing more than 20 kg cannot be redirected to a GLS ParcelShop.