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Manage your subscription: If you have created an account in our online store, you can always log in and manage your subscription: Choose extra flour, seeds, kernels and malt to come with each delivery. You can always change or opt out of your orders, pause or stop your subscription, change delivery frequency. Just do it before we grind and package your flour. As a service, we always send you "Your order is on its way - mail" 5 days before, which reminds you that you can make changes.

Creation: You create an account under the menu item "My Account" or during checkout the first time you buy a subscription.

View order status: " My Subscription" gives you access to view your past and future shipments. If you want to skip one or more deliveries, you do so under the item " My subscription" select "Order" and "Skip delivery". If you want to stop your subscription, it is under " Manage" and " Cancel order" . You are also welcome to write your wishes via email to . In that case, your order is only registered when you receive a confirmation email back.

Update account information: Address and payment card information must be updated under " My Account" and the item " Manage" .

Take advantage of the fact that freight is paid up to 25kg and supplement the flour boxes with extra goods.

When you subscribe to the flour boxes, you get the necessary ingredients for your baking projects delivered in a combined package, e.g. every 4 weeks or a frequency you choose yourself. Since the freight is paid up to 25 kg (20 kg when delivered to Pakkeshop), you can add extra flour, seeds and kernels yourself, so that you get all the household flour delivered freshly milled, organic, biodynamic and directly supports the small Danish mills.

You supplement your existing subscription with extra items within flour, kernels, seeds and malt by selecting the extra items in the webshop and clicking on Add existing subscription (Provided you are logged in) . You can deselect items or replace them with other items under " My account" and " My subscription", where you select the " Manage" tab.

You still only pay DKK 50 in shipping if you keep the total weight of the milk box under 25kg when delivered to your front door. (for parcel shops the maximum weight is 20kg). If the weight is exceeded, there will be a freight surcharge.

The payment for the extras is automatically deducted together with the payment for the milk box on the payment card associated with the subscription.