Rye crispbread

Rye cup baker Signe Rosenwagner has shared this recipe for oven-dried rye bread slices for the hike.

Now the heat and long walks are fast approaching and it is not possible to carry rye bread in the packaging for a long time at a time (it also weighs too much).

1. Bake an ordinary rye cup rye bread. I use small seeds (flax, chia, hemp seeds) as it is easier to cut thinly.
2. Cut the day after baking at the earliest, preferably on a 7-8 mm machine
3. Dry in the hot air oven at 50 degrees if you do not have a dehydrator. I would think it would take a few hours.

Tastes like a sour shortbread and can keep for several months

Welcome and good hike

Kind regards, Signe

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