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Beer bread on applesauce

Recipe from Rugkopbaker Dorte Munk-Petersen

  • 1 part applesauce
  • 1 part Porter
  • Cubed rye bread
  • Whipped cream
    1. Soak in cold overnight
    2. Cook through
    3. Serve warm with cold whipped cream.

    Dorte's recipe shared in the Facebook group "Rugkop - Tips, tricks & sourdough" :

    Equal parts of apple juice/must and porter (or equivalent dark beer) are poured over leftover rye bread (cut into cubes) and left to cool overnight. The next day it is boiled and served with ice-cold whipped cream 😋❤️
    Tastes especially good if it is bread with kernels, so there is still a little structure in the beer bread (I think)

    Bon appetite!

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    • This reminds me of what my grandmother made with dark bread and apple sauce.

      What would a approximate amount of bread be to in proportion to the liquid?

      Thank you.



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